1. All of the following except ________ are ways that human resource management improves corporate performance. A) human resource practices B) strategic planning C) technology D) high performance work systems

1. All of the following except ________ are ways that human resource management improves corporate performance. A) human resource practices B) strategic planning C) technology D) high performance work systems E) all of the above are methods by which human resource management improves corporate performance 2. Technological applications in human resource management includes ________. A) wireless net access B) data warehousing C) Web portals D) application service providers E) all of the above 2. 3. Which of the following may be included in a job specification? A) required background B) traits C) skills D) personal qualities E) all of the above 3. 4) Traditional job analysis focuses on ________. A) when work is accomplished B) who accomplishes the work C) what is accomplished D) how work is accomplished E) where the work is accomplished 4. 5) Mandatory alternative dispute resolution agreements require ________. A) applicants to take unpaid leaves of absence during employment disputes B) employees to meet with human resources officials prior to submitting a resignation C) applicants to agree to arbitrate certain legal disputes related to employment or dismissal D) applicants agree not to dispute decisions of the company regarding their employment E) disgruntled employees to contact the local EEOC office prior to filing formal complaints 6.Traditionally female professions are referred to as ________ jobs. A) blue collar B) pink collar C) purple collar D) white collar E) none of the above 7. How does human resource management with a career development focus differ from human resource management with a traditional focus? A) It includes skill analysis. B) It projects needs. C) It includes information about individual interests and preferences. D) It includes job analysis. E) It uses statistical data. 8. Jill works as a cashier at a grocery store. She earns $8 an hour (or $320 for a 40-hour week). Last week, she worked 44 hours. did she earn last week? A) $336 B) $392 C) $320 D) $368 E) $344 9. Unions negotiate all of the following pay-related issues except ________. A) time off with pay B) wage rates C) income security D) unpaid leave to care for an immediate family member E) all of the above 10. Hygiene factors affect a continuum that ranges from ________. A) dissatisfaction to no dissatisfaction B) satisfaction to no satisfaction C) no dissatisfaction to no satisfaction D) dissatisfaction to satisfaction E) none of the above 11. The Scanlon plan is an incentive plan that ________. A) focuses on the sharing of benefits between employer and employees B) contributes company shares of its own stock or cash to be used to purchase company stock to a trust established to purchase shares of the firm’s stock for employees C) involves the firm distributing total annual profits each year among employees based on their merit rating D) engages many or all employees in a common effort to achieve a company’s productivity objectives with any resulting cost-savings gains shared among employees and the company E) provides tax advantages for employees by deferring income taxes, often until the employee retires 12) Which of the following is not a type of involvement system commonly used in gainsharing plans? A) coordinators B) update meetings C) pep rallies D) newsletters E) steering committees 13. The Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act ________. A) provides guidelines regarding what rates of return employers should use in computing their pension plan values B) covers pension plans and requires employers to have written plan documents that establish terms such as eligibility and participation C) prohibits an employer’s health plan from using incentives to encourage employees to leave the hospital after childbirth after less than the legislatively-determined minimum stay D) sets minimum requirements for protecting individuals’ health-care data accessibility and confidentiality E) limits the ability of health plans to set annual or lifetime maximums on mental and nervous disorder benefits 14. Capital One welcomes new employees on a designated day with balloons, parties, and pep rallies. This is an example of ________. A) providing physical support B) using stories C) organizing ceremonies D) clarifying expectations E) using symbols 15. Jane is going through her annual appraisal process. Her supervisor follows a standard appraisal form that she believes is consistently applied to all employees. However, the appraisal seems unfair to her because her supervisor is so rude and harsh. Jane has judged the appraisal process as unfair based on an assessment of ________. A) distributive justice B) interpersonal justice C) equity D) procedural justice E) all of the above 16. Which intervention method listed below is the most definitive of all third-party interventions? A) fact finding B) mediation C) non-binding arbitration D) binding arbitration E) interest arbitration 17. When managers identify a trait associated with work-place accidents and then use this trait as part of the selection process for new hires, they are using ________ to reduce unsafe acts. A) job rotation B) screening C) incentive programs D) responding to employee suggestions E) training 18) employers are bound by the Drug-Free Workplace Act to ensure a drug-free workplace? A) employers in private schools B) employers who hire workers under 21 C) employers who have night shifts D) employers with federal government contracts E) all employers 19) Which of the following is a personal factor that can influence perceptions of stress? A) work schedule B) noise C) pace of work D) job security E) type A personality 5. 20. All of the following is true of smoking employees except ________. A) smokers make less disability claims than non-smokers B) smokers are less healthy than non-smokers C) smokers are absent more than non-smokers D) smokers endanger the health of co-workers who inhale secondary smoke E) smokers make more expensive health claims than non- smokers

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