1. The organization of visual elements in a work of art is referred to as _______ (Points : 2) the composition the proportion the design the balance 2. In a

1. The organization of visual elements in a work of art is referred to as _______ (Points : 2) the composition the proportion the design the balance 2. In a formal critique of artwork, the critic is evaluating: (Points : 2) How much influence the political environment had on the message. How well the artwork expresses the feeling of the artist. How well the parts of the artwork “function and fit”, while considering prior works in that category. How much feeling it provides to the viewer. 3. In art, a medium is: (Points : 2) an artisit who can tell you about your future the material used for artwork the size of a painting in between small and large a particular material, along with its accompanying technique 4. The symbolic meaning of visual signs and imagery is called: (Points : 2) content iconography form aesthetics 5. Located outside Wiltshire, England, most historians now believe that Stonehenge was created to: (Points : 2) calculate solar and lunar movements enhance the English countryside and focus attention on environmental arts serve as a prayer space all of the above 6. Original prints are produced in quantities called: (Points : 2) unlimited editions limited editions artist’s proofs impression editions 7. A glaze has a silica base that causes it to vitrify during firing; this means the glaze becomes: (Points : 2) glassy matte solid liquid 8. When clay is exposed to heat, the process is called: (Points : 2) smoking heating glazing firing 9. The method of creating the illusion of depth on a 2-D surface through the appearance of converging parallel lines and one or more vanishing points is called _______ (Points : 2) atmospheric perspective chiaroscuro linear perspective picture plane 10. Repetition of similar elements in a work of art creates the illusion of: (Points : 2) shape impasto line rhythm 11. Which of the following occurs when equal forms, masses, or elements balance one another? (Points : 2) asymmetrical balance radial symmetry symmetrical balance bilateral symmetry 12. Global Warning, the graphic design poster by Chaz Maviyane-Davies, presents an issue of concern for the artist as well as the global population. This work is an example of art as a vehicle for: (Points : 2) communicating information personal expression social causes all of the above 13. In _______ balance, the two sides of a composition on either side of an imaginary vertical dividing line correspond to one another in size, shape, and placement of form. (Points : 2) symmetrical informal asymmetrical radial 14. Peter Voulkos’ contribution to modern ceramic art is that he: (Points : 2) he mixed ceramics with glass he mixed ceramics with etching and printing he mixed ceramics with abstract expressionism he mixed ceramics with modernism and ancient glaze formulas 15. According to your text, objective, or figurative, art is considered: (Points : 2) representational art abstract art nonrepresentational art folk art 16. Weaving combines and interlaces lengthwise and cross fibers, called respectively: (Points : 2) piles and knots warp and weft woof and tweeter length and width 17. When a work of art, such as Theo van Doesburg’s Composition (The Cow), shows no reference to the natural world of images, it is usually called: (Points : 2) expressionistic stylized simplistic nonrepresentational 18. Because a tree has unique growth characteristics that remain visible in the finished objects, wood is said to possess a: (Points : 2) soul heart and spirit vitality, or living spirit mind 19. To evaluate a work of art properly, we must deal with it in the context of: (Points : 2) art museums the society that produced it the society that sold it our own values 20. Expressive theories evaluate how well a work of art functions to create a visual experience that may interest us as viewers. (Points : 2) True False 21. According to your text, the title sequence in the movie “Psycho”, was among the first motion graphics used in a motion picture feature film. (Points : 2) True False 22. When London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green, suicides off the bridge dropped by approximately 34%. (Points : 2) True False 23. Bierut’s Saks Fifth Avenue logo (2007) is the perfect example of creating a vibrant consistency. (Points : 2) True False 24. While in his architecture school, Frank Lloyd Wright required his students to build and live in dwellings they created by themselves. (Points : 2) True False 25. Destroying the artwork of a group of people is a major way that dictators try to eliminate or control the group they have oppressed. (Points : 2) True False 26. The gargoyles on top of gothic buildings are also known as “flying buttresses”. (Points : 2) True False 27. Colors deliver the most powerful symbolism when used in repeated areas. (Points : 2) True False 28. Faith Ringgold’s quilts vary in themes ranging from the mistreatment of slaves to her own personal weight loss. (Points : 2) True False 29. Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” was the first building to use carbon fiber technology for cantilever designs. (Points : 2) True False 30. Auguste Rodin’s life-size sculpture of “The Kiss” uses geometric abstraction to represent the universal harmony of love. (Points : 2) True False 31. Horizontal lines tend to create a sense of being at rest while diagonal indicate movement. (Points : 2) True False 32. The Jeppesen Terminal Building in the Denver International Airport is the largest suspension building on earth. (Points : 2) True False 33. There are research studies that theorize: graffiti (if left visible to the public) leads to an environment in which people are more likely to commit street crimes, such as stealing. (Points : 2) True False 34. In sculpture, casting is a substitution, or replacement process. (Points : 2) True False 35. Handmade paper is considered a type of “fiber art”. (Points : 2) True False 36. Zaha Hadid and Frank Lloyd Wright are both considered the worlds most famous “deconstructivist style” architects. (Points : 2) True False 37. Regarding typefaces, “sans serif” means “not italic”. (Points : 2) True False 38. Claus Oldenburg intentionally altered realistic scale in his painting Large Reclining Nude to convey personal meaning. (Points : 2) True False 39. Artist installations are meant to visually tell a story to the viewer. (Points : 2) True False 40. In India, a married woman wearing all white is trying to invite childbearing to occur. (Points : 2) True False 41. In China, it is inappropriate for a bride to wear white on her wedding day. (Points : 2) True False 42. When corporations donate huge sums to finance museum exhibitions, they are also expected to determine the content of the show. (Points : 2) True False 43. Porcelain became highly developed in England, that’s why English china is so valuable. (Points : 2) True False 44. The Aztec Calendar Stone represents the linear passage of time. (Points : 2) True False 45. Both light and dark shades of a color convey the same meanings but with with different intensities on the continuum. For example: Dark Blue is authoritative while Sky Blue is slightly less authoritative. (Points : 2) True False 46. There are three types of clay used for ceramics, they are: China, Porcelain and Earthenware. (Points : 2) True False 47. Your text advises that all people who love and appreciate art should try their best to see everything they can when visiting an art museum. (Points : 2) True False 48. The fourth dimension of art is called Humanism. (Points : 2) True False 49. Most graffiti artists can be defined as “naive” artists. (Points : 2) True False 50. “Nonrepresentational art” is the same thing as “nonobjective art”. (Points : 2) True False

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