1Q) . upload a statement to your assignment telling me that you have completed the Survey so that you will receive the total points for

1Q) .  upload a statement to your assignment telling me that you have completed the Survey so that you will receive the total points for Week 8 Graded Assignment.  In addition, the School of Business, Economics, and Technology would like to know how you feel about your learning experience in the MSITM program, so if you would, along with your notice that you have completed the survey,  upload a short informal letter to the Week 8 Graded Assignment link telling us a few things that you have learned from the MSITM program.   you in advance for your feedback! 2Q)  Discuss the team dynamics for a highly effective or ineffective team of which you were a member. Can you explain why the team performed so well or so poorly? need 25 words without plagrism 3q) The team dynamics are just the oblivious and the mental powers which impact the heading of a specific teams conduct and even the exhibitions and they’re similar to the inclinations in the oceans which typically completes the pontoons all in the various ways to the one they all really plan to cruise. These team dynamics are really made by the real idea of the teams’ work and the majority of the identities inside the team incorporating their working associations with different people groups and in nature wherever the team works (Rahul, 2012). The team dynamics can even be great, for example, when they make a general improvement of the team exhibitions and really get the best out of the individual team individuals. This may likewise prompt awful in the event that they cause inefficient clashes. Despite the fact that the team dynamics are very like the gathering dynamics and furthermore the terms are frequently utilized before reciprocally there is dependably an exceptionally basic work. The gatherings are a social network that really comprises of at least two people groups who share a few or the other thing for all intents and purpose. What’s more, there are additionally numerous different models that have a significant bearing on the team dynamics and their exhibitions yet they are not regularly associated with the meaning of the team dynamics. These basically incorporate the models of the authoritative culture, the general administration and the executives of the procedures, for example, the presentation the board and the individual initiative or the administration rehearses, the technique for the distinctive sort of parts of the genuine team working and working as the venture the board forms, numerous kinds of the hierarchical structure and furthermore incorporates the cross-practical teams and the useful gatherings, and so on. Likewise huge numbers of the partner models that incorporate the administration structure, the client discussions and furthermore the input and a significant number of the agent gatherings, for instance, the associations. Make a specific kind of the earth where the receptiveness and the trustworthiness are incorporated into every one of the parts of the correspondences that are not out of the ordinary and solicit the people groups to share all from their perspectives and discussion pretty much the majority of the impediments in their manner (Terry, 1994). Nearly everything should be guaranteed that they have an extremely clear pathway up to your entryway at whatever point they need it. Likewise, in the beginning, the objectives must be set up in all respects obviously and make it noteworthy. These teams need to get into these objectives and the pioneers need to recognize these objectives and bolster the team to the majority of now is the right time. The extraordinary pioneers dependably show the regard for the team individuals from multiple points of view which s especially by being locked in with the teams and working out with the teams. I need reply 150 words for above post

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