2 Part Question: 1&2 1. Choose one item from “List A” and one item from “List B” below. Do an Internet search for sites in English on these Russian cultural

2 Part Question: 1&2 1. Choose one item from “List A” and one item from “List B” below. Do an Internet search for sites in English on these Russian cultural topics and get enough information to write 2 paragraphs about each. Be sure to include the full web address of sites that you pulled information from for each subject. Contemporary Culture Traditional Russian Culture (Before 1900) 2.  Read/view these following resources.  Write a one paragraph (1/2 page) reaction statement to what you learned about how Russians live.  Be sure to include at least one statement that you are sure that other students would want to respond to.  include the links that you are responding to (or quote with parenthetical citation).  be sure that your initial reaction includes a statement that encourages conversation. 1. https://understandrussia.com/ Small blips of information about various topics about day-to-day life in Russia. 2. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/12/putin-generation-russia-soviet-union/  25-35 year old Russians talk about growing up in the Putin era.  Exceptional photography as expected from the National Geographic. 3. https://www.vikingrivercruisescanada.com/video/destinations/play.html?videoId=-qjnlVH35ao  This is a common Soviet-era apartment where many families lived together.  Today, Russians live in their own flats mostly, but some people still live in the kommunalkas in Moscow and St. Petersburg because of the high cost of apartments. 4. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/01/lessons-from-putins-russia-for-living-in-trumps-america.html  from Putin’s Russia for living in Trump’s America: Michael Idov from the New York Magazine, Jan. 17, 2017  A realistic portrait of the elite Muscovites take on cynicism and Russians lack of trust in their system. 5. https://lifeinrussia.wordpress.com/  An American woman’s blog about life in Russia 2011-2013.  Includes a huge collection of pictures. 6. https://www.quora.com/-is-everyday-life-like-in-Russia–kind-of-food-do-people-eat-in-Russia-what-kind-of-work-do-they-tend-to-do-etc , Editor in Business Magazine About Healthcare at Vademecum Magazine (2013-present)   A collection of questions/answers about life in Russia. Some answers come from Russian, some from foreigners living in Russia. 7. http://fortune.com/2017/03/14/photos-of-life-in-russia-today/ PHOTOS 8. https://www.expatica.com/ru/out-and-about/life-in-russia-moscow_105970.html  A link to an expat newspaper with practical advise for foreigners living/working in Moscow. 9. https://waytorussia.net/IsRussia/MythsAndTruth.html

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