-2100 words (NOT including work cited page) -Should be at LEAST 7 pages in length -Due by 5/4/18 @ 9:00 PM -Must base paper around

-2100 words (NOT including work cited page) -Should be at LEAST 7 pages in length -Due by 5/4/18 @ 9:00 PM -Must base paper around “The Classic Fairy Tales,” edited by Maria Tartar use at different sources (MUST use university -sponsored and web-based journal sites have 2 direct quotations paragraph with in-text citations per -Understand basic features of an analysis, including a clearly-defined subject, a clear, balanced judgment, a convincing evaluative argument, and pointed comparisons. -Must have a “work cited” page per MLA guidelines. This is an argumentative essay about how the story Cinderella came to be, and how it has changed over the last 100+ years, and what the core value of each story is, as well as key elements of the story that have remained the same. Also, how the story differs from country to country. MUST include my thesis statement: Cinderella began as a story about turning from poor too rich in more than way. It started with the unfair treatment between sisters and the rivalry it caused, and how one rose above and was rewarded for her sufferings, as she fell in love with the prince who swept her off her feet. The story depicts beauty and heroism as well as fictional aspects as the midnight spell and the magical transformation. The story has changed quite a bit over the years and has brought many versions with different details and character, but a chore relation to one another. There were many different characters that played the “Cinderella” role however and while exploring those characters we will see the differences in the different versions. include at least one of the following preeminent folklorist critics: Zipes Propp Gilbert Gubar follow all directions exactly as stated. If there are ANY questions, ask, do assume. For example, you might draw from the different texts of “Cinderella” (in Maria Tatar, ed., ) to identify the story’s recurrent structural functions, giving examples. Your purpose would be to show readers that throughout its many versions the story nevertheless has a consistent “core” of episodes and to illustrate the wide range of formulations these episodes can take. When writing and revising your paper, make sure you clearly present your thesis, follow a logical plan and organizational structure, use accessible language, employ relevant supporting evidence from the text, and cite properly according to MLA guidelines. Improper citation will result in an at least one grade reduction in the overall grade.  Note that in computation of the final course grade, because of its length and difficulty, this paper will count twice any other. The page should be separate from the rest of the paper; simply insert a page break between the last page of text and the Works Cited page This paper also must have multiple in-text citations, with page numbers (e.g., 107) for every quotation and plot reference of the fairy tales, as well as all secondary sources.

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