Between 1867 and 1917, the United States became a true world power for the first time in its history. To a large degree, this was

Between 1867 and 1917, the United States became a true world power for the first time in its history. To a large degree, this was a result of the Industrial Revolution. The search for overseas markets and the ideology of manifest destiny (which Americans had developed in conquering the West) spurred the United States to build up its navy in the 1880s and begin acquiring overseas territories. Many Americans also felt they had a duty to “civilize” the so-called “lesser” nations of the world, their superiority based in no small part on notions of racial superiority. Victory in the Spanish-American War in 1898 was a turning point, adding a string of island colonies in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to U.S. territory, and declaring to the world that the United States was a global power. During these years, American military might backed up American commercial interests, creating an “economic imperialism” that sometimes weighed on other countries almost as heavily as outright conquest. Many Americans vigorously protested their country’s new imperialism, citing the U.S. government’s violent atrocities, the racialist ideals that propelled America’s imperial march, and the moral problem of allowing business interests to drive armed diplomacy. Nevertheless, these imperialist developments led the country into the First World War and then served as the basis for U.S. foreign policy for much of the twentieth century.” Schultz, K. M. (2014). HIST3, volume 2. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Read the required and supplemental readings for week three related to Imperialism and the Great War. In class, your group will select a statement centered on one of the topics for you to debate. Divide your group into two sides, which will include a YES and NO position to the statement. This is a structured, academic debate, and you will need to reference your sources throughout the debate to support the points you are making. Your grade will be based on how cohesively your group addresses both points of view and responds to the varying viewpoints. Practicing your debate outside of class will be the key to your success. Independently conduct research of at least 3-4 additional sources to support your side of the question. Submit a copy of your bulletted or outlined notes with proper in text citations and a reference page using the APA guidelines to submit with your presentation through the Classroom. The debate format: 4 minutes Position Presentation – YES 4 minutes Position Presentation – NO 1 minute Work Period 3 minutes Rebuttal – YES 3 minutes Rebuttal – NO 1 minute Work Period 1-2 minutes Position Summary – YES 1-2 minutes Position Summary – NO

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