Celina Furness : It is not a shock that students are getting out of school having passed academically but with no skills to handle the duties delegated to them. In

Celina Furness : It is not a shock that students are getting out of school having passed academically but with no skills to handle the duties delegated to them. In most offices, the fresh graduates from schools have no clue what they are supposed to deliver and it gets worse when they start doing the work. Their work is full of mistakes and is not straight forward. This has been happening for quite some time and the employers are really complaining since the fresh graduates are not delivering as expected. I really agree with the fact that students are passing in high school without fulfilling the requirements (Kalla, 2016). One reason why is really support this statement is that, the confessions that these students do try to make when asked, are very terrible. Some of the things they do while in school can’t allow to have the necessary skills that are needed after school. Some of the confessions will include the doing drugs, partying a lot, and not studying. In fact, if a student is not serious with studying, this will be very hard to get the requirements that will be needed even after school (Li, 2016). These confession are clear enough that the students are more concerned with other things other than studying and getting the skills needed. Another reason why I support that students are passing without fulfilling the requirements is that, most of their teachers are not so much into them and sometimes they even assume. Teachers at times do ignore some of the habits that are displayed by the students. Since the students are grownups, the teachers don’t flunk them and they expect them to act according to what is right. It is known that students always need to be guided, if there is a slight negligence, definitely, the students will go astray and will not be able to get the necessary requirements (Kalla, 2016). The other reason why I am supporting this is because, even the students themselves are not happy with what they get from school. In the article, it is said that, some students are seen parading while very angry and resentful for having been passed along until they could no longer even pretend to keep up. This statement clearly shows that the students don’t get the necessary skills. When these students get employed, they do lie that they are competent hence given job. The employers at this point expect that the work be done promptly and in the right way. These students don’t even seem to put school first on their list unless they perceive something that is at stake (Gray, 2016). This is can’t allow the students to get the relevant skills. It is a problem that is supposed to be addressed with a lot of effort and the necessary measures be taken. The stakeholders involved in this issue should be ready to play their roles. Parents should be in the front line to their kids to realize the importance of the skills from school. On the other hand, teachers should not assume their responsibilities and should be ready to assists these kind of students. Lastly, students should wake up and realize the importance of skills or fulfilling the requirements. Reference Gray, T. (2016). The” F” word: feminism in outdoor education. , (2), 25. Kalla, J. L., Rosenbluth, F. M., & Teele, D. (2016). Are You My Mentor? An Experiment on Gender and Political Encouragement. Li, Y., Hyland, F., & Hu, G. (2017). Prompting MEd students to engage with academia and the professional world through feedback. , , 52-65. Sydney Vasquez: gh school teachers and faculty should require students to put in the proper time and effort in order to pass. It seems over the years, more and more high school students have been moving on from high school and passing necessary classes without doing necessary coursework and studying for exams. In “In Praise of the ‘F’ Word”, Sherry describes how many students are handed “meaningless” diplomas, and will eventually struggle in the job world once employers discover that they are semiliterate. I completely agree with Sherry in this regard, as students should be held accountable if they do not give their best efforts in order to earn good grades and graduation.  Passing a student to the next class or graduation without the proper work is extremely detrimental. Whether students are struggling with the material or simply not giving effort to the class, sending them to the next class gives discouragement when they get to college and can’t do the required course work. In the short story, Sherry was completely taken back by a teacher of her son’s who told her simply “I am going to flunk him.” Even though she was taken back by this, this was an eye-opener for her son to now make this class a priority – he eventually passed with an A. Despite this just being one case, I believe if this reality was presented to more students, they too would make their courses a priority.   With careful research, it seems as though teachers are pressured to pass failing students due to quotas that need to be met by the school system. By doing this, the school system is giving students academic shortcuts and diplomas when they aren’t deserved. Teachers are also to believe that some students do not put in the necessary effort due to coming from terrible environments. They fail to realize, no matter if they come from terrible environments or not, most kids do not want to make school their first priority unless there is an incentive.   Ultimately, high school staff should require students to earn the grades that they receive – even if that means failing them if they have not done so. Worrying whether passing quotas have been met or if students come from good or bad backgrounds should not be a main priority. Young people should value education and be failed if that is taken advantage of. This is a system that is proven to work, and should be the main focus of teachers and school systems today! Doing this is only in the best interest of students, as course work is important for success in college and the job world

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