Cover letters are important in ing you land a job right after graduation! Assignment Instructions: Review this PowerPointPreview the document (yes, again) on Resumes and

Cover letters are important in ing you land a job right after graduation! Assignment Instructions: Review this PowerPointPreview the document (yes, again) on Resumes and Cover Letters. Read this article and watch the video it contains (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. on How to Write Cover Letter. Create a cover letter. (The letter should be for an entry level position in your field of study.) Once you finish, submit your Cover Letter to SmartThinking Tutoring through your Canvas site. Get SmartThinking feedback, make their suggested changes, and then upload all three documents for your grade: Cover Letter Draft, Smart Thinking Feedback, and Final Cover Letter. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to understand that SmartThinking is run by humans, not driven by an artificial intelligence software. These tutors respond to many submissions, and typically need 2 weekdays to give you feedback. Weekends take longer. do not assume that you will be able to submit it on a Saturday and receive feedback in time to upload your assignment on Sunday. That will not happen and your assignment will be late. If you do not receive feedback in 2 weekdays, check your junk email. Sometimes it will go to the spam folder! Response two comment about cover letter do you agree why or disagree why? 150 words student. 1. The first thing that stands out to me that should have been reconsidered would be the greeting. Hey is very informal and is not a good way to start of any type of greeting to a person in a professional manor. First impressions are very important and greeting an employer with hey is a good way to leave a bad first impression. Another thing that the applicant should have reconsidered would be the attitude in the writing. The applicant is trying to be buddy’s with the employer and has a very arrogant tone. Arrogance is not something most employers want in their company. To me the applicant showed little respect to the company and the hiring employer and didn’t really seem to care if they received the job or not. Lastly the applicant should have at least gave a little input to the skills they posses. From reading this cover letter I gathered little from what the applicant is really able to do besides run a poor show at trying to woo someone. Telling a potential employer that they don’t need to know your skills because you went to a certain school is a good way to never get a job. 2. While reading this cover letter the first thing that came to mind was I hope this person who is applying for this job doesn’t send it. They didn’t even take the time to read it obviously, they went straight into criticizing the job and was saying how they didn’t like writing the cover letter to even get the job. They had no interest at all in the company they were applying for or knew nothing about it. Never did they list there skills or why they would be a good candidate for the position being offered. The second thing I noticed was the unprofessional language that was being used, as if they were having a conversation with one of there friends . The person then try to flip it around and ask questions but not state what they really wanted out of the interview, that’s if they even wanted one. If applying for a job it’s important to not put others or the company down and tell them that there job not that hard to work for and you have no passion for the job. Purchase the answer to view it

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