First discussion L.Ly The three segments that appealed to me the most are parent support specialist, preschool teacher, and occupational therapist. I chose a parent support specialist because this occupation

First discussion L.Ly The three segments that appealed to me the most are parent support specialist, preschool teacher, and occupational therapist. I chose a parent support specialist because this occupation focuses on assisting the parent to understand the child’s development. This also provides the parent to learn about the milestones in a child’s development and become more understanding. There are activities provided to have the parents interact with their child. Parents have the opportunity to spend time and learn about the child. Also, the parent support specialist can make visits to the family home and also make assessments to gather proper information (“Leadership Theories”, 2018).  The second segment is a preschool teacher. The preschool teacher works in the classroom. It is a challenge as the teacher handles multiple children in one area. However, it is more than just teaching children. It involves working as a support system for the parents as well. The third segment is an occupational therapist. Toohill states that occupational therapists work with children from birth to 18 years who have disabilities (“Leadership Theories”, 2018). It’s a different experience and if it can benefit a child then it’s worth it. Three dispositions that assisted in the people being successful includes having the proper education in the field, the understanding of children and their families, and a passion for learning. I think it requires levels of education to work in this field. This also requires experience and knowledge built upon that education. It’s important to learn information regarding proper procedures, diversity within children, and child development. Understanding the child and their families is also important. This reduces misconceptions, boundaries, and misunderstandings. This allows everyone to work more effectively as a team. I also think to have a passion for learning assists with being successful because they are in this field for learning and working with children. Insights I have gained from the dispositions include working with the family and fellow staff (or colleagues), interact with the children, and be more open and understanding. For me to be more effective in my work, I need to learn how to work with the family and other staff as a team. I also think that interacting with the children s build knowledge along with new information. Also being open and understanding is key because it s the professional become more approachable in a situation. . (2018). Retrieved from Second discussion J.Hol Job 1: AZ – Phoenix Job Description We are currently seeking full/part-time teachers to join our child care center team located at 725 E. Brill Street Job 2: submit your resume at Blossoms Montessori School is seeking for energetic, caring and compassionate teachers for our Toddler and Primary Classrooms. 3700 Louetta Road, Spring, TX, 77388 Job 3 requiring more education: Full-time School-based Occupational Therapist Job Code 1053379Job Location Kissimmee, FL Job Type ContractLast Updated 07/18/2018Company Sunbelt Staffing We are working with a great school district in the Kissimmee, FL area who is in need of two Occupational Therapist for the school year. We are specifically seeking to hire OT’s to provide services to our scholars ranging from K-12th grade; The highest needs are with our Elementary and Middle School populations. Caseloads are distributed based on experience or preference. Our district is actively interviewing and will hire now to secure your position for the school year. Responsibilities:  In this role, the hired OT will plan and provide occupational therapy services to our scholars to develop, regain, or maintain their ability to perform. You will work with our students to teach them skills/techniques and how to use adaptive equipment for participating in activities, take part in IEP meetings, educate staff and parents and more. Work Hours: The position offers 37.5 hours a week during school hours; Benefits are offered. Part-time applicants willing to contribute at least 3 days a week will be considered. Experience: Previous experience in schools, or pediatric experience is preferred, but not required. Education: A Florida License to practice Occupational Therapy is required to qualify. Employment Type: This is a full-time, contract position for the school year starting in the Fall. For immediate consideration on this school-based position, email your resume and cover letter to or call me directly at (813)792-3468. From this career exploration I have learned that I highly underestimate what I can do with my degree. I do not feel qualified enough for most positions which I’m sure will come with time and experience. Many careers in childhood education do not actually require a degree but they want experience. Experience for me, is kind of my down fall as I had spent five years unemployed while we were stationed in Germany, and I’ve only recently began working in schools. I move and change jobs frequently, so it is difficult to gain the steady blocks in my resume and experience.

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