From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education? (NO LONGER THEN 300 WORDS) Receiving this scholarship would give me the opportunity to further my education,

From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education? (NO LONGER THEN 300 WORDS) Receiving this scholarship would give me the opportunity to further my education, gain my  master’s degree without having to borrow the funding leading our family into debt. I am a mother of three young children and wife to a fantastic man.  My Husband has worked hard for his career in the military, as his career leads to retirement from the military after twenty years, mine will now begin. As one door closes another one opens, and it is my turn to step up into the workforce. Having my master’s degree would excel me into a career where I will be able to support my family with a better paying job and be able to continue to afford the therapy that our oldest daughter needs. She has  Apraxia, a motor planning delay as well as other Nonlogical disorders. When we retire from the military, this cost will fall on us as a family. We  must make sure as this is a priority in our lives to her. We must be able to provide this therapy for her as well as have the money to pay for the multiple therapy sessions she needs. Without treatment she may not be able to achieve her full potential in life, she could regress in speech, motor planning skills as well as lose valuable self-regulation of her emotions skills.   Being given this opportunity to apply for this scholarship means so much to our family. Not only will it provide me with a better education that will lead to a better career opportunity, but it will our family prepare for the substantial cost of therapy. Being Awarded this scholarship, we will be able  to start saving sooner  providing our daughter with her therapy without disruption to our family transition from retirement into our new life. a) are your projected goals in the next five years and how do you see college contributing to the achievement of those goals? A short-term goal is graduating with a 4.0 that I have been maintaining since I started school here at CSU. I am dedicated to my future and projecting my short-term goals into knowledge and working with an organization that is growing and pacing itself with the fast-moving corporate era we face today. I am happy when working with other self-motivated people. My career will reflect this as I grow within a company that I can call home. Within the next three years, my husband will retire from  serving twenty years in the military. I plan to go  back to work full time.  I have now graduated Magna Cum Luda with my Bachelor’s  degree and would embrace the opportunity to move directly into my master’s Degree. My Master’s degree will excel me forward into a  full-time career within Human Resourcing. Within the next five years, I plan on turning my education that I have had the privilege to earn here at CSU into a lifelong career.  I see my college contributing in all these ways as well as the opportunity as one that can me move forward in a positive way; not only within a company but also within our family life. Being settled down within a growing community, to raise our children with values and beliefs that they can do anything they put their minds to. Our children’s education is a priority, being able to support them as well as provide our oldest daughter the therapy she needs, and a stable life after living their lives moving from duty station to duty station every few years is vital. This will all be possible with the education I have received here at CSU and my drive and determination to land a good job within the corporate work of Human Resources. b. How your life experiences have prepared you for the degree program of your choice? Managing life is a priority, having life experiences and my education towards my degree here at CSU has ed me to stop, breath, plan and refocus on what needs to happen in my life. A big turning point in my life was when our daughter was three. She was not vocalizing as she should have been, her motor skills were not as advanced as a three-year-old. When we took her to see a therapist, hearing them put a diagnosis to our daughter was honestly heartbreaking. You never want to hear something is wrong with your child. From that point on I made our family life a priority, I stayed home, made sure to get her into the best therapist, neurologist, hospitals and so on. I unknowingly started already preparing myself for the career I wanted because of being organized, I was communicating with different people from all walks of life and planning was everything. I was good at it; it was the one thing I knew I could her with.  As I navigate through our family life into the working force I have come to realize that Human Resources is not just meant for the office it can be an overall amazing tool in life. Early in my life, I realized that my voice is powerful, my  perception of life is valid. I have always been very logical in everything I do;  I cope well with  stressful situations, I can manage my way through problems and provide answers on the best route to take. Principles of Management course gave me a lot of insight into my personal life as well as the professional field of Human Resources by outlining the planning and development phases, the organization of prioritizes and being able to delegate in situations that need a leader.

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