In this section of the class, we will read several essays about how language and literacy can have a significant impact on how we see

In this section of the class, we will read several essays about how language and literacy can have a significant impact on how we see ourselves and the world around us. Think about your own relationship with literacy, read the essays we are discussing as a class and connect them to your own experience. Perhaps you might even do some research or reading on related issues. Read, and if you wish and it seems appropriate, quote or reference other texts that connect to this issues you are discussing. Write a narrative essay of 4-5 pages in which you re-tell and analyze an event or a series of events that shaped your relationship with language and literacy.  (Remember, our definition of “literacy” is very broad.)  Your essay should both (tell the story) to your development as a reader/writer /literate person.  Your essay should also from one or more of the readings we have done and 1 inch margins on all sides, 12 point Times New Roman (because it is a font common to almost all computers). You must use MLA documentation and include a “Works Cited” list at the end of your essays. Follow the guidelines in your textbook. Use our class readings as models.  Each of the essays that we will read while working on this assignment is, in some way, a literacy narrative (example from textbook: “Literacy: A Lineage” p. 132).  What important ideas are these writers working with? Do any of these ideas relate to your experience of literacy? What do these writers do that might work for you? Brainstorm and freewrite outside of class.  Ask friends and relatives to share memories of school/reading/writing with you and compare your experiences to theirs. , to get started you might ask yourself what you remember about the first time (or a significant time) that you: Read/enjoyed a book for yourself. Got a good/bad grade on an essay. Were praised/scolded for something to do with writing/reading. Were proud/ashamed of yourself as a writer/reader. Remember, you are not limited to my suggestions. to do with your development as a literate person, or your view on literacy in society is fair game for this assignment. However, if you do not use outside sources, (such as some of the essays we read in class!) I will expect you to that source to your own experiences and ideas. We will discuss MLA format in class at a later date, so you will not be graded on MLA correctness, but give it your best shot anyway when you cite your sources for this paper. You can find an MLA guide in Chapter 24 of You must have 1200 words minimum. 1200 words equals approximately 4 pages.

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