Part 1: respond to the following : Part 2: In a separate post, follow up on one of your fellow students in substantive posts of up to 150 words that

Part 1: respond to the following : Part 2: In a separate post, follow up on one of your fellow students in substantive posts of up to 150 words that further the discussion. For example, you may support or politely challenge a post with your own insights or experience, make a suggestion, or ask probing follow-up questions. (choose one) a. I found developing the diagram to illusrtate my expaination was the most challenging because I am not computer savvy with this feature. I lack the programming development knowledge. After several attempts I was able to figure it out. The tool that I was most comfortable with was the breakdown of the flow of ATM processing.1. Identify customer PIN number at ATM2. Select Deposit or Withdrawal of funds3. Enter Amount4. Input Deposit in envelope or receive withdrawal amount5. Print receipt6. Receive card and closeout transaction.R/SAUGUST b.  The easiest aspect was the development of the Visio illustration, though I had challenges fitting some of the events on the diagram it came out understandable in the end.  I use an ATM mostly for withdrawals, so I had to research and seek further information to come up with the use case and process for transferring funds. I have two accounts with one bank and never use this action using an ATM.  I conduct my transfer instances using the banking app., so doing this at the ATM I was unfamiliar with.After my assignment was submitted and I was in bed trying to go to sleep, I found myself still thinking if I included every scenario and unfortunately I don’t believe I did.  I thought of some things I could have added after the fact.Overall, I enjoyed the experience and look forward to the feedback received on the graded assignment. c. It was interesting to setup using the use case method I got to see the steps involved in outlining an ATM software upgrade.  I tried to outline the complete process from beginning to end.  I seem to verbally and graphically show the goals of the proposed project.  It would also to save these records for future upgrades because most of the part can be used again.  The easiest part for me was setting up an outline of the process and all for scene steps.  My use of ATM machines has given me a good idea of the steps involved and some modification that I might like.   The most challenging part was again making the right graphs with proper icons and associations.  I will need more practice to become more proficient with the case use methods. d.  The use case for an ATM was not all that bad. The good thing was it was something that all of us have done for a while. The steps to make all this happen from a user end was easy. Understanding what the system does in each of these step was a little eye opening. The easiest part was the narrative after getting all the information needed to do the assignmen. The hardest part was the diagrams and relating them all togethe. After reading about how this was done it was a little easier to do.

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