Q1 Global warming is the systemic heating of the earth’s water masses, atmosphere, and surface due to human activity that leads to greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide and methane,

Q1 Global warming is the systemic heating of the earth’s water masses, atmosphere, and surface due to human activity that leads to greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide and methane, among others. When the earth releases some of the heat energy it absorbs, such radiations are absorbed by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hence keeping the world warm (Powell, 2016). However, increased amounts of greenhouse gases mean the earth retains too much heat, leading to global warming. Even though some scholars opine that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, human activity is solely to blame for the increasing global warming. Human activity, such as burning fossil fuel and land clearance, is the sole cause of global warming. When human activities lead to increased amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, they form a thick blanket that absorbs the heat released by landmass and water masses that leads to increased atmospheric temperatures (Skuce et al., 2016). Humanity needs to worry about anthropogenic global warming because it leads to temperature increase, drought, inversion of pests, and weeds. Global warming also threatens nature as it leads to storms and melting of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (Skuce et al., 2016). However, it is not too late to save the situation as the world can inmate several measures to redress the situation. Such efforts include planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide, promoting dependence on renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In conclusion, human activities are solely responsible for global warming. The greenhouse gases that get into the atmosphere resulting from human activities absorb the heat that the earth radiates, leading to increased temperatures. Besides, humanity needs to worry about global warming because it causes several effects such as temperature increase, drought, and pest invasion. Humans should take policy measures to redress the situation by planting trees and other efforts to mitigate them. Q2 I think Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming (AGW) is real. We can see that natural disasters such as storms, floods, heat, and droughts are more frequent with greater intensity year by year. Natural disasters are stronger because people cut down forests for farming and breeding. According to statistics from WWF (The International Fund for Nature), about 17% of the Amazon forest has been destroyed in the past five decades, meaning the forest loses at least 70,000 km2 per year. Beside forest burning, the global warming is mainly created by humans through the burning of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal …) and other types of emissions, so the heat is trapped in the atmosphere. The polar regions are particularly sensitive to global warming. The average temperature in the Arctic is two times compared to other regions, and the ice is melting very quickly. This affects the fauna and flora of the area, but also causes the sea level to rise. In 2018, the temperature in the mountains is increasing 40% faster than normal. This process increases the acidity of seawater, causing the coral to become white and permanently irreversible. The increase in temperature causes the polar ice to melt and of course the sea level rises. According to a report by the Australian Department of the Environment in early February 2019, the Bramble Cay Rat in Queensland was officially extinct for this reason. I think we have great responsibility for these global environmental problems. It is not simply the safety of plants and animals but also the safety of all life on Earth.

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