Review at least 4 articles on Balanced Scorecard and complete the following activities: 1. Write annotated summary of each article. Use APA throughout. 2. As an IT professional, discuss how

Review at least 4 articles on Balanced Scorecard and complete the following activities: 1.  Write annotated summary of each article. Use APA throughout. 2.  As an IT professional, discuss how you will use Balanced Scorecard to manage IT resources efficiently. use APA throughout in your main post and responses to other posts. Below are additional suggestions on how to respond to your classmates’ discussions: · Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research. · Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives. · Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research. · Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research. · Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings. · Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence. Reply to class mates: class mate1: This article talks about the strategic plans and its benefits of lean six sigma projects and how they used the scoreboards to solve the problem. They used this in the bank sector. In the first step, they used the six measures of the balanced scorecard to select the strategic process. The second step is the collected information using the method in step one is on the satisfactory level and it is used to rank the bank efficiency score (Ardeshir, 2018). This article main aim is to explain the importance of balanced scorecard(BSC). They have studied by adopting the BSC method in an oil company and comparing it with the other methods in the organization and found that there is very low adoption with BSC culture in the organization. The article explains variations in the organizational practices by analyzing their consistency with the needs, objectives, and structure of the adopting company, especially considering the cultural and political aspects involved in the adaptation process (de Barros, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to explain the advantages and the benefits that resulted from the BSC adoption. They have read a lot of articles and concluded that the BSC is not a simple method, it is a strategic management tool which makes the organizational mission by making the communications, strategic and organization learning easy. It also tells about the current knowledge as they have used the BSC method (Patrícia, 2018). This article is very interesting, as they said many of the managers don’t have the knowledge of understanding the BSC. So they have conducted a study of students understanding the functional areas of business giving a course of BSC to the students by assigning the BSC project course and after the students finished the course. They have asked the students if the course has improved their knowledge about the business (Hunt, 2016). As an IT manager, Balanced Scoreboard plays a significant role in drawing significant strategy, establishing communication to all employees the goals and visions set by the executives of the company. It offers as a measurement gauge for increasing efficiency and gives decision makers a focused approach to improve on the weak links in an organization. Class mate 2: The expression ‘balanced scorecard’ essentially alludes to an execution administration report utilized by an administration group, and commonly this group is concentrated on dealing with the usage of a methodology or operational exercises in a current survey 62% of respondents revealed utilizing balanced scorecard for technique usage administration, 48% for operational administration. Balanced Scorecard is additionally utilized by people to track individual execution, yet this is less regular – just 17% of respondents in the overview utilizing Balanced Scorecard along these lines, in any case, it is clear from a similar overview that a bigger extent (around 30%) utilize corporate Balanced Scorecard components to educate individual objective setting and impetus counts. The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a vital arranging and administration framework that associations use to: Convey what they are endeavoring to achieve Adjust the everyday work that everybody is doing with the procedure Organize tasks, items, and administrations Measure and screen advance towards vital targets Balanced Scorecard implies diverse things to various individuals. At one extraordinary, an estimation based balanced scorecard is essentially an execution estimation structure for gathering existing measures into classes, and showing the measures graphically, for the most part as a dashboard. The measures in these frameworks are typically operational, not key, and are utilized basically to track creation, program activities and administration conveyance (information, yield, and process measures). At the other extraordinary, the balanced scorecard is a hearty association wide vital arranging, administration, and correspondences framework. These are technique based frameworks that adjust the work individuals do with association vision and procedure, impart vital expectation all through the association and to outer partners, and give a premise to better adjusting vital goals to assets. In procedure based scorecard frameworks, key and operational execution measures (results, yields, process and sources of info) are just a single of a few essential segments, and the measures are utilized to better educate basic leadership at all levels in the association. In technique based frameworks, achievements and comes about are the principle center, in view of good technique executed well. An arranging and administration scorecard framework utilize key and operational execution data to quantify and assess how well the association is performing with budgetary and the client comes about, operational effectiveness, and association limit building. A balanced scorecard takes a gander at your association in alternate points of view to gauge its wellbeing. The inner business forms viewpoint takes a gander at how easily your business is running. Proficiency is essential here. It’s tied in with lessening squander, speeding things up, and accomplishing more with less.This point of view likewise urges you to make a stride back and get somewhat philosophical about your organization The subsequent stage in making a balanced scorecard is picking a few vital targets for every viewpoint. Up to this point, we’ve managed expansive, obscure ideas. This is the place things get concrete. Some key goals may be: Lessen Injuries Enhance Call Times Increment Profits The last building squares of a balanced scorecard are measures. Each vital target ought to have maybe a couple things that you measure to decide how it’s performing. These measures require objectives and ought to be estimated on a standard calendar. 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