The Bible itself gives the purpose of prophecy, “Remember (carefully) the former things (which I did) from ages past; I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring

The Bible itself gives the purpose of prophecy, “Remember (carefully) the former things (which I did) from ages past; I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the result from the beginning and from ancient times the things which have not (yet) been done” (Isaiah 46:9, 10, AMP). The testimony of the Scriptures is that the purpose of prophecy is to let us know that God exists and that He has a plan for this world. By the foretelling of persons, places, and events hundreds of years before their occurrence, the Bible demonstrates a knowledge of the future that is too specific to be labeled a good guess. By giving examples of fulfilled prophecy, the Scriptures give strong testimony to their own inspiration. Biblical prophecy is a message from God, communicated to a human prophet who shares it with others. The designation of a prophet is a calling and assignment from God-ordained by Heaven and confirmed by a man. A Prophesy is a gift and grace available to every believer through the Holy Spirit. A good prophecy doesn’t make you a Prophet.  Every son and daughter can prophecy s to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:16-18) This means we all have something to contribute to the larger prophetic equation. The final generation would be open to receiving a mark on their right hand or on their forehead (Revelation 13:16). Consider how the up and coming generation is tattooed, pierced, and marked with all kinds of insignia. And today, for the first time in history, global tracking and marking technology is available Biblical prophecy is the concept that God communicated to the earth through prophets who then wrote their visions down and used them to teach or warn the people. Examples include Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dream, or Isiah recording prophecies about the coming of Christ and other future events. my understanding from readings and from the book Ancient Prophecy by Martti Nissinen is that extra biblical prophecy are writings that do not appear in cannon scripture but are important nevertheless. It is the view that biblical scholars only take into account the “context of scripture” and refute any outside writing from any other ancient prophets from the ancient world. One example is the Assyrian Prophecies or the letters from Mari. Both were not considered a “prophecy” until biblical scholars (in my opinion) decided to compare these to the Hebrew texts and realized that there were non-biblical records of ancient prophecies in Mesopotamia. These are what I described earlier as “extra-biblical”. I believe that if the source truly is an ancient prophet then these materials should be considered inspired texts. The bible is absolutely inspired. We know that through history and through multiple translations that there are many errors, some on purpose some accidental. From my understanding of the English language changing a pronoun or accidently transposing a word can change the meaning of a scripture. If we can verify the origin of a text then why should we not use it to correct the errors of men? That doesn’t mean the bible is not inspired. The word is perfect but men are not. I can prove my point by pointing out that those who were originally translating the “Old Testament” of the bible from Aramaic and Hebrew into Greek may have made minor errors. Then those translating the Greek did not necessarily understand the difference between ancient dialects of Greek and Koine, and made minor errors that now we are discovering as we retranslate and rediscover ancient manuscripts. These minor errors may seem minor (and some are ) but together they paint a picture of an imperfect book (because of the weakness of man) that contains a perfect message (because it came from God). I believe this is where extra-biblical text comes from. Since God is perfect he would give us a way to correct the mistakes of men to make his word perfect. As we verify sources and make minor corrections we come up with a book of scripture that is closer to the original and therefore more perfect.

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