The Windows Server2003/2008 edition best suited to a particular environment depends upon the performance, scalability, and reliability requirements of an organization, along with the intended

The Windows Server2003/2008 edition best suited to a particular environment depends upon the performance, scalability, and reliability requirements of an organization, along with the intended purpose of a particular system. (Points : 2) True False Question 2. 2. The functional level of a domain can be raised in Active Directory Users and Computers by right-clicking the domain and clicking Raise Domain Functional Level. (Points : 2) True False Question 3. 3. Checking the Block Policy inheritance option under the Group Policy tab for container properties means that all higher-level policies will be blocked for other containers. (Points : 2) True False Question 4. 4. Windows Server2003/2008 includes two main utilities that allow you to view the effective Group Policy settings that have been applied to a particular user or computer. (Points : 2) True False 5. A domain is a logical group of computers characterized by centralized authentication and administration. (Points : 2) True False Question 6. 6. The accidental deletion of user data files is a far more common occurrence than a full server failure. (Points : 2) True False Question 7. 7. A domain controller should always run on a dedicated server. (Points : 2) True False Question 8. 8. The Read shared folder permission allows the abilities to add and delete files in a folder as well as read and edit the contents of existing files. (Points : 2) True False Question 9. 9. By default, any user can view the contents of the application and system log. (Points : 2) True False 10. On Pentium computers, page size is 4 KB. (Points : 2) True False Question 11. 11. The DSRM command is used only when deleting a single object from memory. (Points : 2) True False Question 12. 12. When basic disks are used, the operating system boots from the primary partitions. (Points : 2) True False Question 13. 13. Roaming user profiles cannot be configured as mandatory profiles. (Points : 2) True False Question 14. 14. Local print devices are connected directly to the network on which the workstation resides. (Points : 2) True False 15. The “Use custom share and folder permissions” option for shared folders allows both share and NTFS permissions to be defined manually. (Points : 2) True False Question 16. 16. Enforcing even very tight GPO restrictions will not interfere with user productivity. (Points : 2) True False Question 17. 17. A differential backup reduces the overall size of backup jobs to the same degree as an incremental backup. (Points : 2) True False Question 18. 18. Active Directory Users and Computers allows you to configure the properties of a single user object at a time. (Points : 2) True False Question 19. 19. The read-only file attribute is available regardless of the file system in use. (Points : 2) True False 20. Windows Server2003/2008 allows an administrator to further secure files by encrypting their contents. (Points : 2) True False Question 21. 21. The incremental backup type is very similar to a normal backup. (Points : 2) True False Question 22. 22. The first steps in a general strategy for implementing groups in an environment is to create user accounts and organize them into domain local groups. (Points : 2) True False Question 23. 23. Windows Server2003/2008 supports three types of file and folder permissions. (Points : 2) True False Question 24. 24. The Add Printer Wizard allows you to specify whether the printer should be shared to provide network access. (Points : 2) True False 25. The DSMOVE command allows you to move objects between domains. (Points : 2) True False Question 26. 26. A domain local group can be assigned rights and permissions to any resource within the same domain only. (Points : 2) True False Question 27. 27. The “Show hidden files and folders” option displayed under the View tab of Windows Explorer is selected by default. (Points : 2) True False Question 28. 28. The Log On To button in the Account tab of the properties of a user account allows an administrator to configure the days and hours when this user is allowed to log on to the network. (Points : 2) True False Question 29. 29. Microsoft’s digital signature on a device driver ensures that the driver has been verified to work with Windows Server2003/2008. (Points : 2) True False 30. All server activities rely on disk storage. (Points : 2) True False Question 31. 31. Windows Server2003/2008 supports the ability to import dynamic disks from all of the following operating systems EXCEPT (Points : 3) Windows XP. Windows 98. Windows 2000. Windows Server2003/2008. Question 32. 32. To prevent any of the higher-level settings from being applied to a particular child container, you check the ____ check box on the Group Policy tab for the container properties. (Points : 3) No Child settings Block Child settings Block Policy inheritance Set High-Level Only 33. ____ reduces the amount of disk space that folders and files take up, thus allowing more data to be stored on the volume. (Points : 3) Partitioning Reduction Encryption Compression Question 34. 34. When a GPO is created, its content is stored in ____ different locations on the server. (Points : 3) 2 4 8 16 Question 35. 35. The Windows Server2003/2008 file system FAT32 supports partitions up to ____ in size. (Points : 3) 2 GB 16 GB 2 TB 16 TB 36. Under the Kerberos v5 authentication protocol, when a user tries to access a network resource, it presents a TGT to the KDC and requests a(n) ____ for the server on which the resource resides. (Points : 3) challenge ticket-granting ticket access ticket service ticket Question 37. 37. After a GPO has been created, it needs to be ____ to control specific user or computer settings that should be applied. (Points : 3) initialized edited encrypted fixed Question 38. 38. Which of the following commands may be used to manipulate the system attribute of a folder? (Points : 3) DIR CIPHER ATTRIB COMPACT 39. IPP can provide users with a method to easily gain access to remote printers using the standard ____ protocol. (Points : 3) WSH HTTP IIS IPPA Question 40. 40. Windows Server2003/2008 supports ____ different driver signing options. (Points : 3) 1 2 3 4 Question 41. 41. Which of the following tools is used to monitor shared folders on a Windows Server2003/2008 network? (Points : 3) Share a Folder Wizard Computer Management Windows Explorer Folder Monitor 42. Which of the following tools could be used to view the location and settings of your server’s computer account? (Points : 3) Active Directory Users and Computers System Properties Configure Your Server Event Viewer Question 43. 43. After a Regenerating operation completes, the status message returns to (Points : 3) Healthy. Online. Ready. Running. Question 44. 44. By default, all policy settings for groups are inherited from ____. (Points : 3) super users parent containers child groups policy banks 45. Which of the following Kerberos policy items determines the amount of time, in days, that a user’s TGT may be renewed? (Points : 3) maximum lifetime for service ticket maximum lifetime for user ticket renewal maximum lifetime for user ticket enforce user logon restrictions Question 46. 46. A(n) ____ is a logical container used to organize objects within a domain. (Points : 3) forest tree organizational unit attribute Question 47. 47. Which of the following account lockout policy items defines the number of failed logon attempts that results in the user account being locked? (Points : 3) reset account lockout counter after account lockout complexity account lockout threshold account lockout duration Question 48. 48. To enable the auditing of failure account logon events, you must access the ____ setting to check the Failure check box. (Points : 3) Audit object access Audit process tracking Audit account management Audit account logon events 49. In order to change the scope of a group, the domain functional level must be at least at the ____ level. (Points : 3) Windows 2000 mixed Windows 2000 native Windows Server2003/2008 Windows NT 4.0 Question 50. 50. What is the name of the hidden administrative share that provides an administrator with access to the root of the C drive on a computer? (Points : 3) C$ Admin$ Manage$ Cdrive$ Question 51. 51. The easiest method of determining the groups that a user belongs to is via the ____ tab in the properties of their user account. (Points : 3) General Advanced Member Of Profile Question 52. 52. To find the IRQ line used by a particular device, you look on the ____ tab of the properties of a device in Device Manager. (Points : 3) Resources General Advanced Interrupts 53. In tuning the size of a paging file, what are the two parameters that need to be set? (Points : 3) recommended size and default size minimum size and additional size recommended size and expansion amount initial size and maximum size Question 54. 54. A Windows Server2003/2008 system configured as part of a network workgroup would be properly referred to by which of the following? (Points : 3) domain controller standalone server member server configurable server Question 55. 55. Typing ____ at the command line will allow you to view the complete list of switches and options available with the DSMOD USER command. (Points : 3) DSMOD USER HELP DSMOD HELP USER DSMOD ? DSMOD USER /? Question 56. 56. Which of the following consists of object class and attribute definitions? (Points : 3) Domain Name Service (DNS) Microsoft Management Console organizational unit Active Directory schema 57. You can refresh Group Policy settings manually by running ____ from the command prompt. (Points : 3) UPDATEPOL.EXE REFRESHPOL.EXE GPUPDATE.EXE POLICYUP.EXE Question 58. 58. One of the most common troubleshooting tasks for any network administrator is ensuring the ____ of the shared network printers. (Points : 3) encryption properties continued availability security strength paper quality Question 59. 59. Which of the following is an advantage of using an OU structure? (Points : 3) the ability to delegate administrative control to specific users the ability to replicate Active Directory schemas the ability to automatically schedule backups the ability to add snap-ins to a console Question 60. 60. Which of the following built-in containers holds built-in groups that are created automatically when Active Directory is installed? (Points : 3) Users Groups Admins Guests 61. Match each term with the correct statement below. (Points : 20) Potential Matches: 1 : users unable to log on locally 2 : domain controller issues 3 : logon hour restriction issues 4 : client time setting issues 5 : UPN logon issues 6 : account disabled issues 7 : account lockout issues 8 : workstation restrictions 9 : remote access logon issues 10 : down-level client issues Answer : May be caused by a Global Catalog server not being available and configured : Synchronization settings more than five minutes apart may be prohibiting a client from logging on due to Kerberos policies : May be preventing a user from logging on from certain workstations : For workstations running Windows XP/2000/2003, may be caused by incorrect DNS settings that prevent them from contacting a domain controller : Logon hour restrictions may not be properly configured for the user account : Evidenced by logon problems for client workstations running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT : The user account may not be configured to allow access on the Dial-up tab in the properties of their account : Evidenced by a user having trouble logging on locally to specific servers or domain controllers : This can occur after multiple incorrect logon attempts : Resolved by using the DSMOD USER command to explicitly enable the user’s account 62. Match each term with the correct statement below. (Points : 20) Potential Matches: 1 : user mode 2 : install mode 3 : Read permission 4 : Software Update Services 5 : Set options 6 : Attribute-level permissions 7 : Object-level permissions 8 : Delegation of Control Wizard 9 : Full Control permission 10 : Monitor server Answer : on a terminal server, software applications should be installed using this setting : one should switch back to this setting after software applications are installed normally : must be granted for a user to have the right to create or modify an object such as a group account : administered to control which attributes a user or group can view or modify : performs all standard permissions plus change permissions and take ownership of an Active Directory : views Active Directory objects and their attributes : handles delegation of administration in Windows Server2003/2008 : tool that allows an administrator to control how updates are deployed through an organization : allows an administrator to control how updates will be made available to clients : lists information about available updates which have been loaded into memory cache 63. Match each term with the correct statement below. (Points : 40) Potential Matches: 1 : Network Functions 2 : Virtual Memory 3 : Time sharing 4 : Process 5 : Address space, registers and process table 6 : Spooler 7 : Multitasking 8 : Process Manager, Device Manager, File Manager, and Memory Manager 9 : Level1 and/or Level2 child processes 10 : Process manager Answer : is basically a “Program in Execution” : associated with each “Process” is : any process may have : is a layer inside the operating system pyramid containing the 4 managers : are the Operating System Managers

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