Using the Video Critique Guideline below and the elements of choreography (time, space and energy) found in Chapter 2 of the text, write a 5

Using the Video Critique Guideline below and the elements of choreography (time, space and energy) found in Chapter 2 of the text, write a 5 paragraph essay on the dance videos as designated. 1 paragraph detailing the following: type of dance (modern, ballet, etc.), type of music and type of choreography (narrative, thematic or abstract….and explain why you chose the type you did), next 1 paragraph on the physical characteristics, and finally 1 paragraph each on the three choreographic characteristcs of as detailed in Chapter 2 of the text. This assignment should be in paragraph form with sentence structure. ! This critique should not include your opinion of the video. There is no need for an introductory or concluding paragraph. Simply start the critique by writing your five paragraphs (feel free to compare and contrast the two videos). , 1. A shorter paragraph on the types of music, types of dance and types of choreography (narrative, thematic, abstract) 2. a more comprehensive paragraph on the (costuming, footwear, stage space, sets (if any), props (if any), lighting and backdrop and 3. three paragraphs (1 each) for the aforementioned three . Include observations such as what type of costumes & props are visible. What is the set? Lighting for the dance? How about the dance flooring? What type of dance shoes or footwear is being worn? : Include things like used (is there high level with jumping? low level with kneeling? middle level with locomotor movements?) What type of locomotor movements? (running, hopping, skipping, leaping, etc.) including forward, backward and diagonally on the perfromance space. Inward vs. outward on the stage including symmetry (the balancing of the movements equally on the stage) vs. asymmetry (unequal or unbalanced staging). And and including high and low points and dynamic changes in the course of the dance (much like you have with sentences in constructing a paragragh!). : Include things like relating to the how fast or slow the dancers are moving in relation to the music when the dancer is momentarily “frozen” in place in the dance. Include movement qualities such as (such as: “The dancer showed suspended energy when she was held overhead by her partner). Do not simply state: “In this dance there was suspended energy”. two video links “” “”

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