W3: Utilizing Your Computer Discuss the importance of knowing your system information. Why is it important to know for installing software on your system? How will it assist you when

W3: Utilizing Your   Computer Discuss the importance of knowing your system   information. Why is it important to know for installing software on your   system? How will it assist you when calling customer service or technical   support for computer problems/concerns at home, work or school?   operating system(s) do you have on the device(s) you use for your school work W4: Tables In week 4, we are learning to create Microsoft   Word tables. Tables are used in many documents. Describe a specific document   in which you would use a table and state the topic of the table and column   headings as well as a description of the content for the rows of the table W5: PowerPoint and   Presentation Skills Perform research on the internet   to find best practices or tips when creating and/or presenting a PowerPoint   presentation. In your discussion post, describe TWO of the best practices or   tips you found and how to implement them into your presentations or why you think   the tips are important. W6: Excel Skills In our lives, we can find many tasks that can   be completed using an Excel spreadsheet. Discuss an application for an Excel   sheet in your personal life or at your work or expected career. Also, discuss   at least two Excel functions you find ful ( which haven’t been posted   already). Perform research on those two functions of your choice and tell us   what they do, how they work and an example of how you would use them at home,   work or an activity. W7: Excel Charts Research line and pie charts through course   materials or internet. Describe how you would decide which type to use as   well as give a specific example of the use for each type that would be useful   in your life or future career. W8: Review and Reflect Review and reflect on what you   learned in the past 8 weeks. is the most practical and easily applied   lesson you learned? was the hardest to grasp? Why? Computer Concepts and Office Applications – Week 2 Assignment Computer Organization For this assignment complete the following steps 1. Create a CS105 folder. 2. Download into the CS105 folder and unzip it there – the files must be directly in the CS 105 folder and no longer in the zip folder. 3. Take a screenshot showing the folder you created with the files within CS105. 4. In one or two paragraphs, explain what the benefit is of folders when working with files.

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