with my calculus assigment. I already paid a guy who screwed me over so if you DO NOT have maplesoft don’t say you do just

with my calculus assigment. I already paid a guy who screwed me over so if you DO NOT have maplesoft don’t say you do just to get the job. I will leave a detailed review on your page. I will need 8 homeworks turned in around every 2 weeks, first one is due today. TODAY is the first homework, it is not difficult as long as you have the software. Price is not negotiable. 30 dollars per homework (240 total), secured work for 8 modules. If you perform, I might have other homework to offer you. This is the first assignment. Each module in this course includes a Maple Assignment and Discussion.  For these, you will create a Maple file on an assigned Calculus topic which you will upload to the discussion board.  The Maple file you create will include more than just mathematics.  You will include verbal descriptions/explanations, relevant graphs, and clear labeling (of sections of the document and plots) so that the Maple file you attach to the discussion board will be a complete report. Before starting the Module 1 Maple assignment, visit the Maplesoft website (http://www.maplesoft.com/support/training/videos.aspx).  Once there, click to expand the first section entitled Maple Training Videos.  You are to view three of the videos listed here, namely Entering Math in Maple, Problem Solving and Plotting in Maple, and Creating Documents in Maple. General Maple tip:  When in Maple, navigating from the tool bar at the top, visit >>>Maple and search for a key word relevant to what you are doing.  The search results will return three types of information.  The letter D in a box denotes a mathematical definition.  A Question Mark in a box denotes the information there is a “how to” using Maple.  The letters WS in a box denote a link to a Maple Math Apps. The goal of this first maple assignment/discussion is for you to become familiar with the Maple program.  Complete the activities below in a single Maple file and then attach the file to your main discussion post.  In addition to the Maple attachment to your main post, in the body of that post introduce yourself to the class. For the Module 1 Maple assignment, watch the two videos, Graphical Solution and Analytic Solution, found at the Maplesoft website (http://www.maplesoft.com/teachingconcepts/detail.aspx?cid=76). Now it is your turn to work in Maple.  Create your own piecewise function that has three pieces and is defined for all real values of x.  At least one of your pieces should be something more complicated than a line.   After defining your function include one or more plots that represent the pertinent characteristics of your function. For formatting within the Maple file, include a descriptive title and your name.  At the end of your Maple file, include a paragraph sharing what you have learned and any difficulties you found (mathematically or with Maple). Attach this Maple file to your main discussion post. 1.  For all posts (and Maple files) and responses made to the discussion board, you will want to first proof read your post checking that it is coherent and follows the rules of standard written English. ESC’s Office of Academic Support ( ) is here to you should you need any assistance! 2.  In addition to your main post, provide significant constructive comments to at least (2) other main posts. A significant constructive comment is more than a “good job” type of post and will enrich or further the discussion in some way. 3.  To ensure an active and rich learning community, you should participate in the discussion on at least two different days throughout the module.  For your original main post to be considered timely, it should be completed by the Thursday of the week it is due. Grading for this assignment will be based on the

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